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The Vikings’ world

Step into a Viking King’s grave

in the year 925 a Viking king was buried here in his warship. Vikingemuseet Ladby tells the story of the kings of the past and life in the world of the Vikings.

Is Ladbykongen Denmark’s first king?
On DR.DK you can go hunting for traces of Denmark’s first king. See the entire program HERE.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday
10 AM – 4 PM

Also open Monday 16 October

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Adults 100 kr. | Children Free


Vikingevej 123, 5300 Kerteminde


Vikings with bow and arrow

15 – 20 October 2023

Activities at 11 AM – 3 PM

Try archery and other Viking activities for the whole family during the autumn holidays.

Experiences at the museum

The Ladby King's world

Immerse yourself in a tale of the heathen princes of the Viking Age – their daily lives, residence, death, and religion.

The Ship Grave

Step into the darkness and experience The Ladby King’s ship grave. See Denmark’s only Viking ship grave with the Ladby ship.


King and Warrior

Power had to be staged, even in death. Experience the grave gifts from The Ladby King’s ship grave and the Warrior-Prince grave Rosenlund.

Holiday activities for the whole family

The Viking Museum Ladby offers exciting activities from the The Ladby King’s Viking Age during the school holidays all year round.


Step inside the cozy museum shop and explore an abundance of Viking related items.

Latest news from the museum

A summer full of impressions

A summer full of impressions

Visiting the Viking Museum Ladby during summer 2023, will give you lots of impressions. During summer season the museum offers viking experiences for all ages. Viking summer: Holiday activities for the whole family During weekdays in July and until August 18 you can...

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New Museum Shop opened

New Museum Shop opened

The Viking Museum Ladby is now ready for the high season with a new and bigger museum shop. Employees, volunteers and partners of the museum were invited to the opening of the new museum shop on Monday, 8th May. After an extensive remodelling the shop is now ready to...

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The Ladby Dragon sets sails

The Ladby Dragon sets sails

The Museum’s Viking Ship, The Ladby Dragon, sails several trips during summer 2023 with the ship’s crew of volunteers of Ladby ship’s guild. While these trips are taking place, the ship will not berth at the Viking Museum’s pier as usual, but can be seen in other...

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Statements from the museum


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