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Activity for primary school at The Viking Museum Ladby

In the Viking Age, people lived according to the seasons changing. If the weather was bad, the Viking ships were ashore, and time was spent on handicrafts indoors. But if it was summer and sunny, the Vikings prepared to go to sea.

When booking a guided tour at The Viking Museum Ladby, primary schools can book an additional course with one hour of Viking activity. And just like for the Vikings, the season and the weather determine which activity the students will try.

If the weather is hot and dry, the activity will involve seamanship in the Viking Age and the students get to test their collaboration skills. Our ship is on land, but must now be pulled to the water and prepared to sail with oars, anchors and ropes, etc. This can’t be done by just one person, but with the help of a mate we will learn the amount of arm strength and co-operation skills it took to be a sailor for The Ladby King. Together we get sweaty foreheads, smiles on our lips and at the same time learn about life in the Viking Age among kings and sailors.

Shared Educational Goals – History and Sports:

  • The students gain knowledge about the social conditions of the Viking Age.
  • Students actively collaborate on versatile, sporting activities.
  • Students participate in a historical sports culture.

If the weather is bad and cold, we go inside the museum and focus on the Vikings’ craftsmanship. When it was dark, Ladbykongen lit his house with precious beeswax candles. We must roll our own beeswax candles with Viking Age materials and tools. We have to work with a specific craft and along the way we also learn about life in the Viking Age. Because why were beeswax candles only for the rich, and what did beeswax candles have to do with the shift from Norse mythology to Christianity? The students have to work together in pairs, and each student gets a honey-scented candle to take home.

Shared Educational Goals

History and Crafts & Design:

  • Students acquire knowledge and skills about craftsmanship, processing, and materials.
  • Students can compare their own craft and material culture with that of the Vikings.
  • Students gain knowledge about the design and social conditions of the Viking Age, and can reflect this in their own lives.

Good to know

Subjects: History and Danish – as well as either sports or crafts & design
Target audience: Primary school 1st – 10th grade
Duration: 1 hour
Max. number of participants per course: 30 students with a minimum of 2 accompanying adults.

Price: DKK 550 per activity of 1 hour. The activity can only be booked with a booked tour.

Contact and booking
Contact The Viking Museum Ladby by email: [email protected] or tel: 65321667


– Children and adults must be practically dressed according to the season – for a day by the water.

– The museum grounds offers a 5 hectare grass area with hills and valleys, trees, and scrub, as well as inlet and waterfront. There is plenty of space in the open air for play and fun before or after the course.

– The area has numerous tables and benches where the packed lunches can be eaten.

– In the museum store you can buy ice cream, coffee/tea and more.


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