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Become a volunteer

At The Viking Museum Ladby, volunteers contribute to many projects and tasks at the museum.

We are organized in groups and guilds according to interest and each group has a specified contact person. Do you want to join?

If you would like to volunteer in one of our groups – call or write to the contact person below:

Contact people

Viking houses: Ane Jepsen, [email protected]
Brewing of beer and mead: Claus Frederik Sørensen, [email protected]
Embroidery of Viking tapestries: Bodil Holm Sørensen, [email protected]
Sewing of Viking clothes: Bodil Holms Sørensen, [email protected]
Volunteer guides: Ane Jepsen, [email protected]
The Utility Garden: Ane Jepsen, [email protected]
The Ladby Dragon – maintenance and sailing: Jørn Møller, 65321667
If you want to read more about the construction of the ship or follow the activity of The Ladby Dragon, read more about Ladby Skibslaug here.


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