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Big donation from Kerteminde Museumsforening

The Viking Museum Ladby has just received a nice donation of as much as 150,000 DKK from Kerteminde Museumsforening. It will now be possible to archaeologically investigate the area around the burial mound. Here lies a burial mound from the Viking Age of which 11 graves have previously (1933-47) been examined. The final size of the cemetery is not known, however, but the museum can now investigate this thanks to the donation from Kerteminde Museumsforening. We expect to pre-study the area during March and April, but do follow the Viking Museum Ladby’s Facebook page, where you can get more knowledge about the project, when the study is finally scheduled and planned.

At the same time, the money will be used to plant small groves of timber out here, as part of the Ladby King’s world, ie. the types of wood used in the Viking Age for various chores. And last but not least, there will also be money for a bunch of cutting benches, where our visitors can, among other things, help to make wooden nails for future houses and projects. “We are very grateful to the Kerteminde Museumsforening for this outstanding support. It is a great pleasure to look forward to many good projects, which will thus give museum visitors new experiences”, says Claus Frederik Sørensen, the manager of the Viking Museum Ladby.


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