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Book a storytelling about old and new Ladby Tapestries

Book a tour of The Ladby Tapestry

Book a storytelling about the unique Ladby Tapestries

From the Viking Age, a number of tapestries are known that tell stories about the people, gods and events of the time.

At the Viking Museum, you can experience the modern tapestry, “The Ladby Tapestry”, which between 2011 and 2017 was created by The Viking Museum’s voluntary embroidery group, Ladby Tapetlaug. In 2020, the first stitch was taken for a series of new tapestries, which will decorate The Viking Museum’s planned new Viking farm.

Book a storytelling about The Ladby Tapestries and hear about the first Ladby Tapestry and watch the creation of the new wallpapers. Experience the fine textile craftsmanship and hear about the projects from one of the embroiderers themselves.

See more about the first Ladby Tapestry here and about the new tapestries here.

The practicalities

Booking: Send an inquiry to [email protected] or call 65321667. Please note that the booking is only complete when you have received a confirmation.

Age: The tour is organized for adults.

Quantity: max. 25 people per. group

Duration: 1 hour

Price: DKK 800 per group.
Please note that groups over 10 people get admission at a group price. See more here.

Schools: Guided tours for schools can be booked by sending a request  to [email protected] or call 65321667. 


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