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East Funen detector’s findings for the Queen

East Funen detectors are some of the best in Denmark. Three out of a total of six special metal findings from the yearbook “The National Museum’s Working Field” come from East Funen. And we are very proud of that. 

Every year, the National Museum publishes the yearbook “The National Museum’s Working Field”. However, this year’s book is larger and more comprehensive that usual. It has been dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe II on the occasion of Her Majesty’s 80th birthday in 2020. Some of what the museum has been working on for 80 years is included in this very richly illustrated yearbook. The book ventures far and wide in regards to the work of the National Museum, and thus also include the many thousands of detector findings that the museum receives and researches each year. No less than three special East Funen early Christian metal findings have found their way to the book’s pages. The three findings each illustrate in their own way how the Christian pictorial world changed and developed from the Viking Age to the early Middle Ages.

"Christ from Aunslev" is a unique gold crucifix from the first half of the 10th century. Found by Dennis F. Holm in 2016. 
“Christ from Aunslev” is a unique gold crucifix from the first half of the 10th century. Found by Dennis F. Holm in 2016. 

Dennis F. Holm was just starting out with detector archaeology, when he in 2016 suddenly came upon his first ever finding. It was actually his son who had been given a detector. But it was not really used – until Dennis became interested! The gold crucifix was among the year’s top 10 Dane artifact findings in 2016. You can read more here.

Silver crucifix from Trellerup from the 11th century. Found by Glenn Abramsson in 2016. 

With the help of great perseverance and very thorough searches, Glenn Abramsson in 2016 was finally able to hand over all the parts for a beautiful silver crucifix to the conservators at Conservation Center Funen. Here the 4.7 cm high crucifix was carefully assembled. Notice that Jesus is tied to the cross, not nailed. You can read more about the finding here.

Gold-plated bronze buckle from the 12th century. Found at Revninge Cemetery in 1976. 

On the buckle is depicted a person with halo, presumably Christ.

The Museums of East Funen is responsible for the archaeology in Nyborg and Kerteminde municipalities.

The Museums of East Funen handles the archaeology in Nyborg and Kerteminde municipalities in a formalized collaboration with Svendborg Museum, Archaeology South Funen. The goal is to be able to preserve the past for the future and to be able to understand and describe the past better.

As part of the statutory museum task, the Museums of East Funen examines and registers many archaeological findings on East Funen every year, including thousands of detector findings, which the museum must send ahead to Dane artifact treatment at the National Museum.


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