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Easter holiday: Adorn2 yourself, Viking

Visit the Viking Museum during the Easter holidays, Monday the 11th to Monday the 18th of April, and hear about how brute warriors and beautiful women used jewellery and amulets for everyday life and parties as well as participate in two exciting children’s competitions.

From the 11th to the 13th of April you can tour the Viking Museum and hear about why both men and women wore jewellery and pendants in the Viking Age. You can experience the local findings of impressive Viking jewellery of both gold and silver and hear extraordinary tales about the ornaments of the Vikings. For jewellery was more than just beautiful in the Viking Age, jewellery also told stories. You can also hear, for example, what the Aunslev cross, the Revninge woman, the Mariesminde jewellery and the rider from Herresnap can tell about gods and people in the Viking Age.

Afterwards, it is possible to make a necklace or a bracelet with manly pendants and beautiful pearls from the Viking Age.

During all Easter days, you can also participate in two children’s competitions: Blood, Violence and Dead Kings and The Hunt for the Ladby King’s Treasures.

Come by and have some Easter fun with us!


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