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The Viking Museum Ladby offers exciting activities from The Ladby King’s Viking Age during the school holidays all year round

All senses come into use during the activities, because the materials and tools we use are the same as those used in the Viking Age. At the same time, both children and adults get the opportunity to pique their curiosity about the Viking Age as the activities are staffed by our skilled museum communicators, so just ask away!

All year round, the activities are adapted to the season: the summer holiday activities include archery, flatbread baking and cutting workshops; autumn activities include ghost walks and crafts around the fire; for winter holidays and easter holidays we go inside with craft activities and exciting family tours. Search under “Experiences” here on the website to see the current activities in the coming holidays.

Please note that children and young people under 18 have free access to the museum, but some activities cost a small fee. During the Christmas holidays and public holidays there are no staffing activities, but always exciting children’s competitions to participate in.


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