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New Museum Shop opened

Jun 1, 2023

The Viking Museum Ladby is now ready for the high season with a new and bigger museum shop.

Employees, volunteers and partners of the museum were invited to the opening of the new museum shop on Monday, 8th May. After an extensive remodelling the shop is now ready to welcome all summer guests.

At the festive inauguration guests were served mead and other refreshments, while they had the chance to discover the new shop and its many newly purchased Viking souvenirs and merchandises.

Ship shaped desk

The increase of visitors during the last few years at the Viking Museum, had used up the shop, which was built in 2007, and more space and better toilet facilities for the visitors were necessary.

Shortly after new year the remodelling began and several walls were torn down and the former storage is now part of the new premises of the shop.

The desk of the shop has been completely rebuilt and moved. The new desk is shaped like a ship and painted in yellow and blue colors, exactly as the Viking ship Ladby Dragon.

Visitors can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream in the newly established “café corner” in the shop.

Line Karstensen, museum host, says: ”We appreciate to welcome the guests of the museum in new and bigger surroundings. The space has nearly been doubled, which gives much more air and light. We have got a larger assortment of merchandises and an even wider selection of souvenirs inspired by the viking age”.

The museum shop at The Viking Museum Ladby can be visited during the museums opening hours.

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A summer full of impressions

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The Ladby Dragon sets sails

The Ladby Dragon sets sails

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The Ladby King sets all sails again

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