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Rich sacrificial items excavated at Ullerslev

The soil north of Ullerslev has for 3.000 years been hiding rich sacrificial items from the Bronze Age. Several heavy necklaces and other women’s jewellery were around the year 1100 BC sacrificed here. They have now entered into the light of present day.

Fragments of necklaces, buckles, a belt box, hanging vessels and other jewellery have been found in and around the remains of a clay vessel in a field just north of Ullerslev. Present day plowing in the field has scattered the jewellery, but also made them possible to be found. More than three thousand years after they were sacrificed. In all likelihood, all the items were sacrificed in a clay vessel. The sacrifices of the Bronze Age are often associated with water, e.g. bogs, lakes or springs. At first glance, there is no water at the excavation site, but the light soil around the clay vessel suggests that there may have been a small spring here.

Excavations at Ullerslev
Excavations at Ullerslev

That a treasure from the Bronze Age would lay here, waiting, the archaeologists have known since January 2021. Here two detectors found several bronze fragments in the field north of Ullerslev and immediately approached the museum with them. As hard and prolonged frost was at hand just then, the archaeologists decided to wait with excavating the area until after the harvest. It was therefore a long-awaited excavation that on August 26, 2021, could be completed.


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