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Sailing with The Ladby Dragon

Time: Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon – when the weather allows for it. 

During the summer, the Viking Museum’s reconstruction of the Ladby ship – The Ladby Dragon – can be experienced sailing in and around Kerteminde Fjord by the museum. During the summer’s annual voyage, the ship sails out into Storebælt (The Great Belt bridge), puts Ladby to port and can be seen as a guest sailor around the country. The ship is sailed by volunteers in Ladby Ship Guild, who work on testing the ship’s qualities under different conditions. For example, the ship is tested in different wind directions and speeds, for sails or oars as well as with different number of crew members. This way, the ship guild learn what kind of ship the Ladby ship was and what the Ladby King used it for in the Viking Age. The Ladby Dragon sails on Kerteminde Fjord and Kertinge Nor on Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon in the summer, when weather and wind allow for it.

If you want to volunteer at Ladby Ship Guild – click here.


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