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Sewing of Viking customes

Time: Thursdays at 11.00 – 13.00

Clothes for the whole family was a huge task in the Viking Age, which started with wool from the sheep and linen from the fields. Then it had to be spun, woven, dyed, and sewn before the clothes were ready for use. The clothes were therefore expensive in the Viking Age. No complete piece of clothing from the Viking Age has been found, but several pictures of clothes and pieces of the costumes are known – among other things from The Ladby King’s mound.

At the Viking Museum, copies of Viking Age costumes are made for use in the museum’s presentations. Clothes are sewn for both big and small, men and women, and fabric is dyed and embroidered on the finest suits. The costumes are created in a collaboration between the museum’s archaeologists and the volunteer costume seamstresses. Every Thursday, the costume designers work on the clothes, and are ready to tell and show. In the costume room there are try-on clothes in many sizes, which you are welcome to try.

If you want to become a volunteer costume seamstress – click here.


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