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A summer full of impressions

Visiting the Viking Museum Ladby during summer 2023, will give you lots of impressions. During summer season the museum offers viking experiences for all ages.

Viking summer: Holiday activities for the whole family

During weekdays in July and until August 18 you can encounter vikings at the waterfront from 11 am to 3 pm and participate in viking activities.

This years activities are:

  • Archery on the shooting range
  • Clay workshop in the ceramic tent
  • Workshop in wood cutting
  • Throwing spears, which are copies of the viking spears
  • Throwing stones on the new throwing lane
  • Viking duel with wooden swords an shields
  • Try on viking clothes in the habit room

Kids are free at the museum, although participation at some of the activities cost DKK 20.

The museum offers two competitions for children – ’The Ladby king’s treasure hunt’ and ’Blood, violence and dead kings’. Here kids can solve tasks and participate at raffles for great prices from the museum’s shop.

Take part in free guided tours

Guests at the museum can take part in a guided tour with one of our volunteers. Each guide has its expertise and is passionated to pass on good stories and their knowledge about the viking age, the museum and the area.

Timetable for guided tours

August 7 -18:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 PM

Guided tours are in English and primarly for adults. Participation is free when entry is paid.  


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