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The construction of The Ladby King’s farm

Time: Thursdays at 10.00 – 12.00

Based on the discovery of Viking houses on the nearby Munkebo Hill, The Viking Museum builds a reconstructed farm from the Viking Age. The Ladby King has probably owned many farms which have produced agricultural goods and handicrafts. The farm is therefore not a distinguished royal estate, but a farm under The Ladby King.

The farm will be surrounded by strong palisade fences and house four buildings – a longhouse for living, a smithy, and two pit houses for various crafts. In these years we can follow the houses in the construction process, and when the farm is finished, it becomes the center of revival, activities, and plenty of Viking life. The construction is carried out in collaboration between the museum’s archaeologists and the museum’s volunteer construction group. Every Thursday morning, guests can follow the construction, and the construction group is ready to show and tell about the construction.

If you want to volunteer in the construction group – click here.


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