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The creation of new tapestries

Time: Tuesdays at 10.00 – 12.00

In the Viking Age, tapestries were an important part of home decoration. The carpets formed an insulating layer between the wall and the room, but were also a canvas on which stories could be told. The most famous example of this is the embroidered Bayeux tapestry. At The Ladby King’s farm, which the Viking Museum is building these years, there will also be tapestries. Therefore, the Viking Museum has initiated a new tapestry project, where a series of embroidered tapestries will decorate the future longhouse on the farm. The motifs are local and taken from metal detector finds from East Funen’s Viking Age. The tapestries are created in collaboration between the museum’s archaeologists and the volunteer embroiderers from “Ladby Brodøselaug”. Every Tuesday morning you can meet the embroiderers at the museum and follow the creation of the embroideries.

If you want to become a volunteer embroiderer in “Ladby Brodøselaug” – click here.


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