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The Ladby Dragon sets sails

May 30, 2023

The Museum’s Viking Ship, The Ladby Dragon, sails several trips during summer 2023 with the ship’s crew of volunteers of Ladby ship’s guild.

While these trips are taking place, the ship will not berth at the Viking Museum’s pier as usual, but can be seen in other local harbours. During daytime the ship often will set sail and sail around in the local waters.

Where to find The Ladby Dragon during summer 2023:

Munkebo Harbour June 1 – 4

The Ladby Dragon sails to Munkebo Harbour Thursday evening on 1th June where it will be during the following days. Sunday, 4th of June the ship sails back to The Viking Museum.

During The Cherry Festival July 20 – 23

The Ladby Dragon is based in Kerteminde during the yearly festivities of the Cherry Festival from Thursday to Sunday. After the festival the Ladby Dragon will sail back to The Viking Museum Ladby Sunday July 23.

During Munkebo Viking Day August 17 – 20

The Ladby Dragon sails to Munkebo Harbour August 17, where it docks to the pier until Sunday, August 20. The Viking Ship can be seen at the pier in Munkebo during the Viking Day August 19, where the Viking Museum Ladby in cooperation with local associations and volunteers, arranges an eventful day with lots of activities for all ages.

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