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The Ladby King sets every sail

Saturday 21 May from 10 am to 2 pm the Ladby King sets all sails at the Viking Museum Ladby. Here you can meet all of the museum’s volunteering groups, who work on the museum’s many different Viking projects. Come and hear, see, smell, feel how the old Viking crafts are brought to life – and who knows – maybe you want to volunteer yourself?

There is free admission during the day.

During the day (from 10 am to 2 pm) you can experience:

  • The launch of the Ladby Dragon (12 pm), after which work is done preparing the ship.
  • The museum’s 2 costume groups show and tell about the work of sewing Viking costumes – of course, interested children/adults are allowed to try on some of the clothes too.
  • The museum’s construction group is in full swing with the construction of the Ladby King’s farm. Do you perhaps have a Viking craftsman in you? Then be sure to drop by and hear some more.
  • Frej’s utility garden has just seen the light of day. If you are interested in herbs, vegetables, fruits, etc. of the Viking Age, then there is a lot of narratives for you – and we can use many more Viking gardeners out here.
  • Our seamstresses are now working on a completely new project = tapestries for the Ladby King’s farm. Of course, the seamstresses still also tell about the Ladby tapestry, so there is plenty of opportunity to have some good talks about the two projects – and maybe you would like to join the team?
  • The volunteering guides regularly showcases the museum. If you have a storyteller in you, then perhaps becoming a volunteering guide is something for you.

From 2 pm, our mead Vikings will make a brew with campfire hot stones spiced with (up until the day) secret ingredients and good stories. There will of course be an opportunity to taste how good the Viking’s drink can taste when made with passion, bonfire and specially selected ingredients.

We hope for a day, where people bring their family, food baskets and good mood with them out here for a proper, cozy time. There are plenty of tables and benches spread out all over our large area just for that.


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