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The Ladby King’s world

Immerse yourself in a tale of the heathen princes of the Viking Age – their daily lives, residence, death, and religion.

The Viking Museum Ladby is a museum for Denmark’s only known Viking ship grave so far. Here is the story of the ship’s grave from around age 925, where a Viking king was buried in his magnificent Viking ship together with rich and beautiful burial gifts – and his funeral was worthy of a king. But also the area around the king’s last resting place is a testament to a center of power in the Viking Age. From prestige constructions at Munkebo Bakke to thousands of metal detector finds, our knowledge of The Ladby King’s power and importance on East Funen in the 900s increases.

Every single piece counts, and the last chapter about The Ladby King’s is far from told yet. Visit the exhibition “The Ladby King’s world” and hear more about one of Denmark’s first Viking kings.

Venue: The Viking Museum Ladby,
Vikingevej 123, 5300 Kerteminde

Time: During opening hours


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