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Thousands visits an exhibition about archaeology in Langeskov

May 7, 2021

Not all cities have a historical museum. Langeskov, for instance. But it’s not because Langeskov doesn’t have an interesting history or citizens who are interested in this history. This certainly stands out, when Kulturarvsboxen is visiting the city.

Since the exhibition with findings from Funen’s longest excavation opened in Kulturarvsboxen at the Langeskov Center on 27 March, more than 2.300 visitors have been registered. This corresponds to more than every other citizen in Langeskov. The exhibition also offers interesting new knowledge about the area’s history in the form of findings and results from archaeologists’ investigations prior to the construction of the Baltic Pipe.

“We are incredibly happy to be able to share, in this way, the knowledge and the results that we have gathered in connection with our excavations around Langeskov in 2020. And it is great that our work and findings arouse interest among the citizens in Langeskov”, says archaeologist Malene Refshauge Beck from the Museums of East Funen, who has been the excavation manager for the archaeological excavations in Nyborg and Kerteminde municipalities.

The excavations around Langeskov offered, among other things, the extraordinary find of a woman who was buried with both a dog and a horse’s head, and an area filled with so many cooking pits that it indicates, that in the past, large parties were held here annually or markets.

Kulturarvsboxen is a mobile exhibition box, which in 2020 and 2021 will travel around Funen, Langeland and Ærø with changing exhibitions about local history. Kulturarvsboxen is unmanned and open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. Unlike the rest of the country’s museums, Kulturarvsboxen has thus been able to be running during the corona-shutdown.

Kulturarvsboxen makes it possible to tell the story where it took place, and thus create exhibitions and history dissemination in places where there are otherwise no museums or opportunities to make exhibitions. Kulturarvsboxen’s exhibitions and program are arranged by Cultural Heritage Funen in collaboration with local museums and archives. The box and the exhibitions are financially supported by Albani Fonden.

The exhibition in the Kulturarvsboxen in Langeskov can be seen until and including 24 May.


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