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Viking for a day

– A bag full of experiences

Viking experiences for the whole family all year round

Would you like to try making fire with fire steel or spinning wool with a ten? Or would you like to learn more about Viking spears and knives? Well, just sling your bag over your shoulder and get going.

With Viking for a Day, the whole family can experience the world of the Vikings first-hand when you visit the Viking Museum Ladby. Choose from 8 different bags with fun Viking activities and embark on an educational journey in the nature around the museum.

Each bag has its own story and connection, not only to the museum’s own Ladby King and his world, but also to a specific place in the landscape around the burial mound. Inside the bags you’ll find artefacts to complete the different tasks, as well as a small book, a map and a QR code for an instructional video.

Experience the Viking Age up close and activate all your senses as you learn about Viking daily life, sports, games, weapon use and much more.


Where: The Viking Museum Ladby. Vikingevej 123, 5300 Kerteminde

When: All year round during opening hours

For children and adults

Price: 35 DDK per bag and a deposit of 100 DKK

Visit the museum’s ticket sale and pick up your bags. A family can borrow two bags of experiences at a time.

You can keep the book in the bag and take it home with you.

Fire is just as important today as it was in Viking times. Strike a fire with the fire steel and see if you can get the charred flax to catch a spark.

Almost all clothing in the Viking Age was made from sheep’s wool. Try spinning yarn with a spindle and spinning hook.

A knife is not just a knife. It was an indispensable tool in Viking times. Try carving a wooden counting stick.

Humans have always played games. The Ladby King was also buried with a game board. In this bag you can try out different strategic board games.

We know two types of spears from the Viking Age – powerful lances and light throwing spears. You can take part in a spear throwing competition.

Can you tie a knot? On the Ladby ship, the sail and mast were held in place with ropes. Learn different knots with this bag.

Vikings practised physical disciplines such as running, weightlifting and wrestling. Try a variety of fun sports games.

The Ladby King was buried alongside various weapons. Try challenging each other to a duel with shield and sword.

The educational project “Viking for a day” is developed and produced with support from:


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